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  1. arXiv
    Reassessing the Limitations of CNN Methods for Camera Pose Regression
    Tony Ng, Adrian Lopez-Rodriguez, Vassileios Balntas, Krystian Mikolajczyk
    arXiv preprint, 2021


  1. ECCV
    SOLAR: Second-Order Loss and Attention for Image Retrieval
    Tony Ng, Vassileios Balntas, Yurun Tian, Krystian Mikolajczyk
    In ECCV, 2020
  2. NeurIPS
    HyNet: Learning Local Descriptor with Hybrid Similarity Measure and Triplet Loss
    Yurun Tian, Axel Barroso-Laguna, Tony Ng, Vassileios Balntas, Krystian Mikolajczyk
    In NeurIPS, 2020
  3. ACCV
    D2D: Keypoint Extraction with Describe to Detect Approach
    Yurun Tian, Vassileios Balntas, Tony Ng, Axel Barroso-Laguna, Yiannis Demiris, Krystian Mikolajczyk
    In Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020